Heavy rains continue to fall on the Austin, TX area during what should be the final weekend of X Games at Circuit of the Americas.  Will this weather ruin yet another event at the world famous F1 track?

Take a look back to the Formula 1 USGP in 2015, when torrential down pours flooded the area with fast moving water that seemed relentless.  Many people who came from out of town ended up stuck in their hotel rooms waiting for some glimpse of sunny skies, which didn't arrive until just hours before the big race.  Fans that did decide to make their way to the track were in for a grueling fight with Mother Nature. 

Will we see a repeat during ESPN X Games 2016?  With the current situation, I'd beg to say yes.  However, being a native central Texan, I can vouch for the almost instantaneous changes in what you may call a schizophrenic atmosphere.  If you don't live the weather in Central Texas, just wait 5min.  It can literally change in that little amount of time.

 Dedicated fan sits through moderate rain during F1 USGP 2015 © Grease Man Photography ©

Dedicated fan sits through moderate rain during F1 USGP 2015 © Grease Man Photography ©

X Games organizers are committed to providing a safe environment for both the fans & the athletes & are constantly monitoring the unstable conditions.  They have put together back up plans in case competition has to be delayed or rescheduled.  ESPN has a policy which will put a stop to the activities if lightning strikes come within 4 miles.  Looking back on the past few days, and even this morning, lightning is an absolute possibility.  The South East location of Circuit of the Americas has been hit hard since our stormy season started.  A flash flood watch is in effect through Friday, June 3rd.

If you have plans to attend, please be careful driving & if you approach a road that has been breached by flood waters...Don't risk it...Rushing water has extreme power!