X Games Austin 2015 © Grease Man Photography ©

X Games Austin 2015 © Grease Man Photography ©

For those who aren't familiar with Texas weather, it can change within minutes.  Sometimes for the good, but in the month of June, it's usually for the worse.  Don't get me wrong, the high temperatures & sunny days are beautiful, if you remember to prepare for it.

In this blog post, I'm going to walk you through how to survive X Games Austin 2016.

With little to no cover, most spectators will be sitting or standing in direct sunlight which can be the start to the end of your extreme sports weekend if not properly combated.  Hopefully with these tips you'll be able to enjoy your visit & have nothing but great things to say about our amazing city.

Items you absolutely CANNOT leave home or your hotel without!

  • SUNSCREEN - personally I recommend buying a product with a SPF 30 rating.  Why not SPF 100 you ask?  Well, many dermatologists question whether the 100 rating actually protects any better than say a 30.  Using a SPF 100 sometimes fools the user into a false security & they may not use the product properly.  Instead, go with a SPF 30 & make sure you reapply throughout the day to avoid sun burns.  Believe me, you'll be glad you did.
  • HAT - make sure, if your wardrobe approves, to at least bring some type of hat with you.  A basic baseball cap will help shade the sun from your eyes & face while a gardening/fishing type hat with an extended bill that covers your face, ears, and back of neck is ideal.  This will help keep you cool as well as lower the chance of additional sun burns.
  • COMFORTABLE SHOES - this is an absolute necessity.  With the competition happening at a large race track, there are often times you may be walking long distances and/or standing in line for an athlete's signature or maybe even to use the restroom.  Having comfortable shoes that are both light weight & breath well should be a priority.
  • SUMMER CLOTHING - again, temperatures easily reach 90-105 degrees in the mid day to afternoon.  Make sure you dress appropriately, meaning light colored shirts & if possible, thin material bottoms.  Arriving in your favorite pair of jeans won't be a good idea.
  • WATER! WATER! WATER! - do I need to explain this one?  You MUST feed your body with fluids while out there.  You can easily become dehydrated & not realize it until the toll starts taking effect.  Once that happens, there's a good chance you'll be spending the rest of your weekend at home or in your hotel room, if not worse, in the hospital

For venue info & policies, follow the link below

My intentions with this list is to inform those attending X Games Austin of what to expect & how to prepare for it.  I am confident if you follow these steps, you will have an amazing weekend at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX.

Please share with your friends & family by using the share button at the bottom of this post.  Now get out there & experience X Games Austin one last time before it moves out of this crazy, diverse city!

 Twiggy the Skiing Squirrel - X Games Austin 2015 © Grease Man Photography ©

Twiggy the Skiing Squirrel - X Games Austin 2015 © Grease Man Photography ©

JUNE 2, 2016 UPDATE:

Our city is experiencing heavy rain activity once again...Here are a few items you may consider adding to your X Games Austin survival list...

  • CANOEFlash flooding happens in a matter of seconds in Central Texas.  Having a way to get around is important.
  • WET SUITFor those times when you know you'll be drenched but really want to be the dedicated fan that you.
  • SUMP PUMP - How else do you expect to keep your rain boots dry?

-Disclaimer:  the above items are listed for comic relief, not only are they prohibited items at Circuit of the Americas, they're also highly impractical